Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

  • Sunny and 40 some degrees outside, feels like 60 at least
  • Kids are sleeping
  • I'm cleaning
  • The washer and dryer are humming
  • Brown Circles No Cash Wallet is in the gift guides. (don't ask me why it's in the Children's Section...doesn't matter, at least it's in something!)
  • The blinds are up
  • Windows are open
  • The mountains are gorgeous
  • I love this state
  • Hubby is thrilled with the prognosis he got from the physical therapist
  • I actually know what I'm making for dinner tonight
  • Got a package of oh-so-inspiring-goodness in the mail
  • There is spring in my step
  • Life is good!

1 comment:

Sarah Niemela said...

I'm proud of you, dear! Good attitude!!! Love, Mom