Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I turn heads when I'm in public

and it's not because of my looks. It's because I always have so many bodies with me. Today I ventured out to Wal-Mart with my five little ducklings. This was our second attempt this week. It was on the game plan for yesterday but after Baby Doll started having one of her "moments" at the post office, I decided we better cut our losses and head for home. Sometimes you can't do it all at once!

We've kept the UPS man busy delivering packages of fabric to our door step. Today I washed all the minky. As I was folding it up, my kids were fighting over who got which pattern for their blanket. I had to break it to them that it wasn't for them but for able mabel. Bummer for them!

Now I have to get the kiddos down for naps and decide which I want to tackle up this office or hopping on the exercise bike. Decisions, decisions.

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-k said...

Oh, I can so relate to feeling like a public spectacle! We ventured out for the first time this weekend since baby #6 arrived- a family trip to Wally World. I got the giggles on the way in because of all the looks we were getting. Thank goodness the kiddos were on their very BEST behavior this time- it made the trip actually quite enjoyable!