Friday, January 18, 2008


So, we have this custom card order. ( makes us sound so talented, but I have to admit, the order is for our mother. Mother's are suppose to think their kids are the best at everything, so naturally she's going to ask us to make them for her.)

Our mother is a dollmaker (for those of you new to our blog ;)!). I'll feature her when I get a chance. She has a doll show coming up in Orlando next weekend. She wanted us to make her 100 cards using the pictures of her dolls. That was the only direction she gave us. We have a little over 40 done. JB has, by far done the most. I've probably only done about 12.

I wanted to send e-mail a couple picture to mom to show her our progress and decided to post one on here. Her dolls are incredibly amazing and life like. (understatement of the centry) Crossing my fingers that we passed "the test"!

Please excuse the picture, the cards are just lined up on my dining room floor (wait, is that a Cherrio I see?). I didn't really pay attention to the "rules of picture taking" for this one.


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