Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shame on me!

I have not featured an Etsy artist for such a long time. I sent a convo to perpetualplum days ago asking if I could feature her. She's probably wondering what happened to me!
So now I have fed babes, got her down for her morning nap and warmed up my morning cup of coffee (sorry Annie Howes, it took me longer than the 5 minute time frame you gave me ;)!)
Perpetualplum is such a neat and colorful shop. Her tag line is "Unique Re-tiques".
Oh no!! I just discovered she sells "whoopise" items for super, duper cheap! (This able mabel business is really going to be a "non-profit" business if I keep finding things like this!)

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog, the colors are beautiful.