Thursday, January 24, 2008

this end up!

That is the title of the e-mail I had this morning. I had posted this last night in our Etsy store. JB e-mailed me this morning telling me it was upside down! Oops...can't win them all! It's pretty though isn't it! It's on my list of things to re-photograph. I'm not liking the blue/gray background.

Sister M sold a necklace yesterday! It was listed about a month ago (I think). Jewelry is so popular on Etsy it's hard to get noticed. I started wondering where/how our customers find us, particularly when something "old" sells. This particular customer had just signed up for Etsy yesterday. Hmmm....

On my to-do list today (or maybe I can pawn it off on sister H) is to figure out how to ship internationally. Specifically the cost and fees associated with it. It sounds like a rather dry boring job but a necessary one. I think it will draw more customers to our store.


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