Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The planes go whizzing by...

As I sit here on my rooftop terrace, sipping my mug of steaming gourmet java, enjoying the solitude and silence, a jetliner swoops in so close I can see it's passengers.

Yeah right!

  • rooftop terrace - my office chair
  • steaming gourmet java - ordinary (okay we're minor coffee snobs who buy Starbucks beans) cup of coffee that has yet to be zapped in the microwave
  • solitude and silence - dream on
  • jetliner - styrofoam airplanes

Hubby is an airplane mechanic. Last night was Family Night. We came home with three styrofoam airplanes. I've been dodging them all morning. Since they're styrofoam and kids are kids, I've spent a lot of time fixing and taping them. (We should have taken out stock in 3M and Proctor and Gamble years ago!) His company was very generous and we all had a good time!

Today is the last day of cards! I'm going down to work on them as soon as I get babes down for her morning nap. She's working on settling down now.

We joined our first Etsy Street Team today. It's called Designing Swanky Moms. I'm not too sure about the swanky part but it should be interesting. I don't have the time today or tomorrow to set everything up. I'm hoping to get to it on Thursday.

Golden silence radiates from the "nursery" so down I go!

Have Fun!


Mandi said...

Haha, this was a great post... and I have to admit, I was sitting here reading that first part and thinking "gosh, how lucky is she?!" Hehe! It's fun to dream sometimes ;-)

The Downtown Boutique said...

Love the vivid imagination! That just sounds like a lot of fun!