Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Usually on Sunday evening, I plan out a rough draft of my week ahead. On the schedule for today was sewing all.day.long. So much for that plan. My machine sat idle all.day.long.

Instead I got the 'Burb cleaned out (talk about embarrassing when you pull into a parking lot, open the doors and end up chasing garbage that came flying out of your vech.) and the basement gutted. So refreshing to get two much needed, dreadful chores done!

I'll probably be kicking myself tomorrow that I didn't sew today. I hate going too many days between sewing sessions. Tomorrow is filled with the last day of school activities so it'll be at least Thursday before my machine gets pulled again. Oh joy. ;)

Also on my list for today was to re-take pictures of my burpies. As I was cleaning up the lunch mess, I noticed the memory card for my camera on the front step, full of teeth marks. Oops. Big oops. I had left it in my laptop. My laptop was sitting on the piano bench (left there after my workout) when Dolly happened upon it. Being a curious little girl, she found the memory card, pulled it out of the slot and promptly chewed it to smitherines. Sigh. This is the second time it's happened. You'd think I would have learned after the first time, but no, I didn't. Double sigh. This latest chewed up card was my spare one. Let's hope Target carries the right card, otherwise my camera will be out of commission for a while.

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