Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cheap Labor

When my two yr old heard me ask my 5 yr old this morning to "thrown down your bedspread", she asked, "Are you going to take pictures of me?" When I nodded, she informed me, "I'm not going to let you." I gave her a non committal "hmmmm" and continued cutting threads off the blankets, my brain scrambling to think of a bribe for her. She sauntered off to play upstairs.

Before too long she was back with a question. "Do you have any gum?" Yep. After a few beats, "Do you have any Starbursts?" Yep, again. "Ok", she said, "I'll let you take pictures of me if you give me 5 Starbursts." At my raised eyebrow she quickly changed her mind, "Two. How about two starbursts?" Sold!!

Before she could change her mind, I quickly got her changed and up on the table.

It was her lucky day as I only had two blankets and one lovie done.
I also have about three sets of bibs and burpie to photograph. I reached for Baby to get her ready to pose when I took a look at her nose.Not good. I had forgotten she had bumped it on the concrete steps outside while she was climbing up them on Sunday. Her nose is scraped and brusied. I have a hunch that potential customers would not like to see her in that condition. :) (Her nose doesn't look so bad in this pic but it's actually a pretty dark bruise)I settled for some feet shots instead. Sweet little toes! The bibs will have to wait a week or two until her face clears up unless I find another cherub to use.
My original plan was to work on a few aprons this afternoon. Plans have now changed as I got an order for a larger size of the Red Birdie Blanket. No complaints from me. If' they'll buy, I'll sew! ;)

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jessica said...

you could still do the bib shoot...just photograph her from the mouth down! :) remember? it's okay to chop off heads!