Friday, May 14, 2010


This week I've been trying to accomplish a few things for the shop that I've been putting off for ages.
The biggest thing was determining how much I should charge for lovies, blankets and burpies and how to go about doing it.I had no set price, it was just a big guessing game. I had someone e-mail me on Wednesday night asking how much I'd charge for a bigger lovie. I decided it was time to get a system in place. With the help of dear hubby, I figured out how much to charge per square inch. It was quite the process, but now that I have a figure in mind it's so much easier. I went thru every listing this morning and changed all the prices. Some were way too high, some too low.

I wanted to expand my descriptions on burpies to include the fact that they can be used as a changing pad and also to wipe runny noses. Sounds yucky, the boogers part, I know but it's the only thing I'll use on my kids' noses and also mine. Way softer than a Kleenex the roughness of tree bark. No more red, raw noses for us!

I've been using the same fabrics to make multiple items. When it comes to bibs and burpies, I've tried to add the link to the coordinating product into the listing. Hassle factor of 6 when one item sells without the other. Solution? Add a search link into each listing that uses that fabric line. In theory, it should update each time something sells or new gets added to the shop. We'll see how it works in reality.

Now that these changes are made, I can relax and hope it makes the able mabel shopping experience so much better!

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