Friday, May 21, 2010

A boatload of pictures!

My quest for better and better pictures never ends. I've documented that many times.
This morning I sent some sample pictures over to Jessica to get her opinion. She has a great eye for styling, as I mentioned yesterday. (She will also be trying to get a photography business underway once she gets back on her feet after having a baby.)
I spent a few hours taking and retaking pictures today.
Here are some before and afters... Washcloths before.Washcloths afterLovie before. Lovie after. Since I had some new lovies to photograph, I just did the new ones. Still debating if I should go back and redo all of them...sounds like work.Bib before.
Bib after.
One of her suggestions was to use a white background to make the colors pop. I've known that but haven't had anything white hanging around. I ended up taking two pieces of white tagboard and cobbling something together. I ended up with some lines but was able to retouch them in Picasa. I'm going to check out and see if I can find a piece of white fabric. It would be so much easier.
I didn't get very expressive shots of Dolly. She discovered the piece of tagboard hanging over the edge of the table made some cool noise when she banged her feet against it. Sigh. The joys of working with kids. :)

The thought of going back in and updating all my listings is a bit overwhelming. I think I'll do it slowly over the next few days.

I think someone was feeling a little left out, even though she just had her turn.

"Excuse me, do you mind? I'm trying to do something here." Every time I got up to get something, she's toddle over and monkey. This is why I usually take pictures when she's in bed. ;) Sweet Little Pea!


Jessica said...

I like it! it does make it pop more. I think the skin tone looks better, too. (not that you're trying to sell your baby :) it's not so yellow-y.

djStoreRoom said...

The revamped photos look great!~~ I think white backgrounds works best as they do not try to snatch away the limelight from your materials..