Friday, May 7, 2010

Kids are the best!

My 7 yr old (1st grade) son gave me my Mother's Day gift early.

I can't get what he wrote on camera because he colored over the words and they don't show up, but here are the highlights.

"My mother loves me best when I do the dishes."
"My mother looks prettiest when she weres dresses."
"My favorite thing about my mother is when she lets me go to my friend's house."
"Facts about my mom: Height: 5 ft 2 in, Weight: 80lbs (ain't he the best?!?!), Hobbies: Working, Occupation: Sewing"

Included were two coupons for cleaning his room. I intend to cash one in tomorrow. :)

I love these types of Mother's Day gifts! It's always so funny to see what they write! This one is a keeper! (Both the kid and his writings.)


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