Monday, May 24, 2010

A Sunday Hike

I had been craving a good hike. Between icky weather and busy schedules, we've only been out hiking a few times this spring.

On Sunday we took the kids out on a nearby trail.
Hubby had already biked 12 miles on Sunday morning, so he was perfectly content to hang back with our 2 yr old when she wanted to try hiking instead of riding. I went on ahead with the older kids.

Cheater! She takes a shortcut thru the woods. Shame on her. :)
This is also a trail that Hubby bikes at least once a week, most weeks twice. The kids and I kept exclaiming about that fact. Yikes!

By the time we made it to the overlook spur, we were down two kids. We had met some friends who were on their way down. Our 5 yr old jumped at the chance to turn around and hike back down with her friend. It was shortly after that, our 9 yr old decided to go back and meet up with Dad.

Yay! These three made it to the top and enjoyed the gorgeous views!
Baby Doll happily rode on my back and "played" with my hair, saying"oh cute!" the entire time. She doesn't always appreciate hiking and can get pretty antsy. We lucked out this time.

It was so wonderful to get outside, enjoy nature and the fresh air while sweating like a pig!

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