Monday, May 17, 2010

My virtual scrapbook

or that's what I'm beginning to think of this blog. Pre-able mabel days I was a diligent scrapbooker, recording our events and happenings. Not so much anymore. I have pictures but not the stories to go along with them.

On that note.... We braved the rain and drizzle on Saturday and paraded into a park in town for a Bike Rodeo. Our mission was to try win a free bike or two.
She started out chipper enough but soon tired of the cold and rain (I don't blame her one bit) and ended up sitting in the 'Burb most of the time. Can someone please remind me which state we live in? It's starting to feel like Seattle around here!
In order to be registered for a free bike, the kids had to go thru a "training" course with one of the local police.

Scoping out the course. 2 ready to go, 2 about to chicken out.

He passes with flying colors (I sure hope he would. ;) )!

Upon seeing their older siblings go thru the course, the two younger ones decided they wanted to try it after all. We don't call this kid "Nutso Boy" when he's on his bike for nothing. He took off flying thru the course, not caring about traffic signs, bike lanes, etc. :) He still "passed".

We got another house project underway. Our house has a decent sized slope in the front yard and has retaining walls boarding the sidewalk. Slight issue. It looks like Big Bertha has perched in several spots, causing the wall to sag. Also whoever built it had the bright idea to put mortar between the blocks. Ugh, what a mess and an eyesore.
We weren't sure if we'd be able to take down the walls and save the blocks.Thanks to hubby's careful sledgehammering, we got one wall down without too many wrecked blocks.
Now I get to take over and clean up all the blocks.
With the right tools, it's a pretty easy task. The mortar comes off quite easily. Just a pound or two of the hammer and voila!, it's off. I worked on them for a bit on Saturday afternoon until I got rained out.
I have a hunch this project will last a bit longer than the deck demo as there is no deadline for the wall. Not that I'm complaining...
I was so busy on Sunday turning myself into a lobster that I forgot to take pictures. It was a beautiful day! We had friends over and basked in the sun as the kids splashed in their makeshift pool. Someday I'll learn that I can't sit in the sun all day without suffering the consequences. My poor legs are quite tender.

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