Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday Treasures

We haven't talked jewelry for a while so on this Tuesday Treasures it's all about jacarandadesigns

The first thing about her shop the jumped out at me was her pictures. Marine Necklace
Stunning isn't it? Great pictures are always important when selling online but in an area, like jewelry, that is totally saturated with sellers, they are that much more important. I absolutely love how she stages her shots.

My girls would be drooling over a hair pony like this one! What a fun idea! Too bad they all just got shorter haircuts...

Oceanic Hues Necklace
I adore the colors of this necklace. I also love the square pendant paired with round beads. Lovely!

Continuing on my love of the colors she uses. Isn't this scarlet/red/whatever you call it, just gorgeous?!? It's so neat how the green just pops against it.

Please stop by her shop and give it a looksie! You'll be so glad you did!

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