Monday, December 28, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We had a lovely and relaxing Christmas!
It was, of course, chaotic but that's nothing new and different. (I figured my Dad would appreciate this picture!) Can you see which are the presents and which is wrapping paper? ;) While cleaning up the mess, I found an unwrapped gift for Baby Doll!
My husband's sister and her husband flew in from MN on Christmas Day to spend a few days with us. It's always great fun to have family come visit!
On Sunday we took them to Arches National Park, turbo version. We didn't have much time there but were able to get the gist of the park.
We got a sitter and left a few kids behind. These three had a grand time exploring. You can't really see it, but we gave our son some binocs for Christmas and he's scanning the horizon for wildlife. I know it's still early, but so far, that gift has been a hit!
I love the fact that in the park, you have the red rock but also the snow covered mountains in the distance. It's an awesome contrast!

We had time to do a short hike to three arches. There were only a few other visitors in the park so we could do it in a short time. We kept remarking how packed it must get at peak times and how long it would take us to see it all if we had come at that time of year. I'm glad we came while there was still snow on the rocks, it was so gorgeous!

Our mini family posing at those three arches. I didn't realize until we got home that I didn't even get a picture of my SIL and her husband. Shame on me!
Now they're off skiing today and my goal is to get this house back in order. We'll see how successful I will be...


jen said...

The third picture reminds me of a Bev Doolittle painting.

jen said...

Er, I meant the third nature photo.

Karen said...

That looks like an awesome place. It always amazes me how beautiful different portions of our world are. Looks like the kids got a good array of gifts!