Wednesday, December 9, 2009


sometimes just goes too fast and is too busy! I am craving a day to sit and create Who knows when that will happen! For now I have to be content with craving out an hour here and an hour there. Such is life. It's all good!

I sit here, taking the time to sip my morning cup of coffee, dodge the paper airplanes that are "flying" all over the room (my poor attempt at folding planes that only crash to the ground. My three year old told me "that's not how dad makes them, his don't crash right away!") and listen to my two year old belt out her best rendition of "Jingle Bells" amidst her squeals of delight at the airplanes crashing to the floor.
My moments of relaxation will be short lived as I tackle my to do list. I'll try not to think about the fact that I could be at a friend's house today sewing up some purses for our girls. I was just feeling too overwhelmed with what needed to be done today at home. We'll try to get together on Monday. Something to look forward to!!
Yesterday I brushed the dust off my sewing machine and did up this blanket for a customer. I was a bit worried I had forgotten how to sew since it had been so long! ;) It had been about a month and a half since I had last pulled it out. No worries. It's like riding a bike...once you know how, it doesn't take much to come flooding back. I started on a second blanket like this (well, it was more of a burpie style) but ran out of time before I got it done.

I am so looking forward to a date with my Husband on Friday! The last few years we've spent a few hours Christmas shopping and then going out to dinner. I'm quite impressed with the fact that he's still willing to come with me and it's an awesome sport about it. This coming from a guy who despises shopping unless it has anything to do with the outdoors. I love him dearly for being so willing to come with me once a year especially when I know he doesn't like shopping at all.

Now about that to do list....First things first, I better get these order packed up and in the mail!

Happy day to all!

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