Wednesday, December 30, 2009

After lunch

I found these three hunched over at the table.Sketchpad and scrapping supplies spread out all over. They were all in their glory!

I hated to disrupt their concentration but I made them move their mess into the kitchen so I could spread out my sewing stuff on the table. Mean mom! :) Actually they didn't mind and soon we were all grinning and satisfied with how the afternoon was panning out.

I was sewing merrily along, in my own little world. I paused to turn the corner on the blanket I was sewing when all of a sudden my machine took off, sewing like mad all on it's own. I was just about to have a heart attack when I heard the squeal of delight from under the table. I peeked down to see Baby Doll poised and ready to have another to at the presser foot. She had been playing quietly in the living room and I didn't see her slip into the dining room to join the "fun". She was quite pleased with herself, clapping her dimpled hands together!

Take my word for it...sewing with a baby on the floor is not recommended!

Once she was distracted upstairs in the playroom, I was able to get a few more blankets done. It was positively blissful to spend some time sewing! I'm hoping to continue tomorrow afternoon. We'll see...


ElegantSnobbery said...

Haha, I'll never forget the first time my kiddo crawled under the table and pressed my foot pedal down. Scared the daylights out of me!!

What a cute photo! Hurray for artsy-craftsy kids!

Karen said...

LOL That is so cute. I am glad you figured it out! I had a defective foot pedal that would take off on its own. Not fun! LOL