Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm exhausted!

We've been baking Christmas cookies since 9 am this morning. I haven't been on my feet for this many hours straight for months!!
First up was sugar cutouts. Here they are all lined up ready to be iced. Usually I'm standing around waiting for the oven but now that I have convection bake, I couldn't keep up! It was wonderful! We did get them iced, complete with my hot pink stockings. They should have been red but I'm always a little leary about adding too much food coloring...

My husband's niece showed up just as I was finishing the cutouts. She got busy getting the peanut blossom dough mixed while I kept a watchful eye on the toddlers unwrapping Hershey Kisses and Andes mints.

Peanut blossoms done. Next up the Andes mint cookies. Oops. Forgot to take pictures of them. These ones will be the ones that will be gone first! They are divine! After we got those done we did ginger cutouts drizzled with white chocolate. It's amazing how much more fun and faster baking goes when a "partner in crime" is present! It felt like we were done in no time!
The only thing we have left to bake is prune tarts. Not today though. Enough is enough. Next week maybe...Although I do have a hankering for some rice pudding right now...

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Autumn2May said...

You're tired, but at least you have cookies. ;)

Jennie :)