Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Warning! Brain Purge Ahead

I think I'm a lists kind of gal. When my brain is cluttered, it feels great to spew it onto a piece of paper.
  • I'm done with my Shutterfly jazz. Yes!! I got the calendars ordered and on their way for the grandparents. My oldest two girls both requested more scrapbooking supplies for Christmas so I ordered each of them some pictures from this past year. Believe it or not, they might actually make it here before Christmas. Now wouldn't that be something?!?
  • Tomorrow I promise I'll get the tart dough made. (I've only been saying that for the last week or so.) My husband said if I'd make the dough, he'd roll it out for me. I've never made them so I'm scared I'll screw them up. He did it all last year as I snuggled our freshly born baby on the couch.
  • I went to the library tonight to get Hubby some books on cd. I came out with a stack of books for me. Good one. Like I have time to read. Looks like a bunch of late nights ahead of me.
  • I "babysit" my friend's daughter a few days a week for only an hour or two each time. I use the term "babysit" loosely because she is in kindergarten and is extremely easy to have around. I hardly notice she's here. Anyway she brought me a Christmas gift this morning (as if she needed to, but we've already gone around and around on this one and I lose each time. I'll find a way to get even someday!) and in it was fresh elk summer sausage and jerky. It was my lucky day! I was thinking I should hoard them and not share with the kids but I suppose they do most of the "babysitting" since they play with their friend when she's here. Shoot anyway.
  • I'm taking baby steps when it comes to getting these Christmas cards in the mail. I have them all addressed and the stamps bought, now I just need to seal them shut, put a stamp on them and put them in the mail. I'd hate to be too on the ball and get them all done in a day. Apparently I'm all about milking it out as long as I can.
  • I got a few magnets designed today! I was on the floor in my bedroom, surrounded by a mess of paper crafting goods in a completely silent house. No one needed me. No one wanted me. No one yelled for me. No one but me and my thoughts. Pure bliss!! (as much as I love my kids, I simply adore naptime. It's what I need to recharge and face the supper/homework/bedtime chaos.)
  • Remember those cookies we baked a few weeks ago? Completely gone. Looks like we better plan another baking day. I knew it would happen, just not this quickly. Such is life.
  • I have 10 days to figure out what to get two girls in their early 20's. Any ideas? I'm coming up a bit blank this year.
  • This brain purge helped! My eyeballs are shutting all by themselves. I'm tried. I'll see you all tomorrow!

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Ruthanne said...

Don't be scared of the tart dough - it's not that bad! And SO worth it! If hubby says he'll roll them out let him do it! I'm starting the third batch today. They don't last around here!