Friday, December 11, 2009

Telling the story

The craft sale(s) have come and gone and we still have product left over. I decided to take everything that I've made and list it in my Etsy shop. If it sells, then I'll hand over the money to the church. Fair enough, right?

One of the hot items was the good ol' key fob. Or, at least, it became popular after I explained to people what they were for and why they need them.

Taking everyone's confusion to heart, I decided to use the description in the listing to tell the story instead of just listing the particulars. Here's what I wrote...

"You know the drill...

You walk to your front door juggling grocery bags, purses, perhaps a kid or two, diaper bags, etc, grabbing everything from the car so you can make it all in one trip. You nimbly navigate the steps, hoping you don't trip. You reach the door and...oh on!...where are you keys to unlock the door? Lost at the bottom of your purse, again. Sigh!" Then I continued on with the rest of the jazz.

Pre-key fob, this was literally the story of my life. I know I'm not the only one! We'll see if a catchy description works or not.

On the listing, I was even brave enough to have a picture of my lovely wrist. Yuck. Not very flattering!

There were only about five of these left so I'll list them and see how they sell. If they sell, maybe I'll make more. It just seems like key fobs are oh so popular to list on Etsy.

I think Santa will throw a few into the kids' stockings. They make perfect zipper pulls for backpacks.

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Vanessa said...

Those are very cute. And definitely come in handy. I had an old cheap stretchy plastic key fob I used when I managed a restaurant and later to keep up with my keys when toting a baby. I finally had to throw it away. I've been debating on whether or not to get supplies to make some of these for a craft show I'm doing in the spring. Seems like a good idea!