Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm searching for some

motivation right now. The Littles are napping and the Bigs are holed up in the play room playing school. After spending the most of the morning with my Referee Hat on, the silence is golden and it's making it quite difficult for me to get off my rump to get some work done. :) It's bad.

I know once I hit the shower (I did workout this morning. Yay! That makes three days so far this week!), and throw my tennies back on, I'll be good to go. In the meantime, I'm watching the minutes tick by as I do absolutely nothing. Lazy moments are a vital part of life, right? ;)

One thing I have to get done today is make a dessert for tonight. We're going to spend the evening with a few other families who have kids the same ages as our kids. It'll be nice to not have to get a sitter. I was searching the cookbooks for dessert ideas when I remembered the gallon of whole milk in the fridge expires today. Viola! I'll use it to make some homemade custard. Vanilla crunch, here we come! A double batch of custard should use most of what is left of the milk. Easy peasy!

I did get some pictures of the light switch covers and magnets I got done earlier this week. If I have enough time after getting all my necessary things done, I'll try to do up a few more of them. I got a note via Facebook today from someone suggesting we raise our prices on the light switch covers. It's something I'll have to mull over. I haven't checked out the competition on Etsy for a while now so I really don't have any idea what other sellers are selling their's for.

The peace and quiet didn't last long as the Bigs have just piled out of the playroom asking if they can make homemade ice cream. (a combo of snow, sugar and milk) Sigh. Christmas vacation has gone amazingly well but in some ways, I think I'm ready for them to go back to school.

Looks like I better hit that shower before too many more minutes pass!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year's!

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Angela said...

Happy New Year!!

How smart to think to use the milk for your dessert- very resourceful!