Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There should be a rule

that Moms are exempt from all sickness. It just throws a wrench into the daily life of a family. I have an awesome husband who is very capable of taking over but still...
My Monday morning glow quickly faded yesterday afternoon when a stubborned infection I've been fighting for a week and a half (thru two rounds of antibiotics) decided to take itself one step further, effectively flattening me onto the couch. Not fun. I got put on a stronger medicine last night...the catch? I have to pump and dump. It's sheer torture for a baby who loves to nurse! You should have heard her cry this morning when I put the bottle in her mouth. It was heart wrenching, I felt like crying with her!! I want her to take a bottle and all (especially since I'm leaving her when I go to New York in Oct with my mom and sisters) but I hate this part of it!

I'm definitely feeling more human this morning but so much for any bustling I was going to do today. Looks like I better take it easy and work on able mabel or the craft sale instead! (I knew there was a sliver lining somewhere!) :)

Because of all that mess yesterday, here is yesterday's blog post one day late! :) As I scurried around in the morning straightening up the house and washing mounds of laundry, these two kept themselves busy seeing if they could jump off the couch over the doll. He was pretty funny. "Hey Mom! Wanna see me do a 180?" He swivels his arms a bit in the air and jumped straight down. "Dat cool Mom? Wanna see me do a 160?" (ahhh...360?) Same thing. Swivel of the arms and falls straight to the ground. He thought he was big time!

When JB and her family were in town this past weekend, we snuck out and hit some shops in Glenwood. We gathered a ton of ideas (which JB dutifully sketched out in her little notebook) and talked to one shop owner about taking some able mabel items. We ended the day at a couple big box stores. I was prowling Pier 1, trying to use up my gift card but not finding what I was looking for. I happened to mention to JB that I need to find an eyeglasses case for my oldest daughter. The light bulb went on in her head. She had seen somewhere where they took a hot pad holder, folded it in half, sewed it up and used it for an eyeglasses case. Viola!! On the clearance rack (surprise, surprise that I would check the clearance rack :) there was a set of hot pad holders. I had my sewing machine out yesterday afternoon but totally forgot to sew this one up for her. I was feeling pretty crummy at that point.

One thing I did sew up yesterday was another Red Birdie Blanket. I got it listed and it sold within a few hours. Something tells me that I better start scooping up all of this fabric I can find as these continue to be popular. The last few I've done have sold quickly. This fabric is no longer being printed and I haven't yet found one that is "close enough". I think there is still one shop on Etsy that sells it. (I won't name the store until I buy all that they have. ;) )
Now what should I start on...paper crafts or fabric?


Leslie Lauren said...

If you could find more of the blueish/greenish paper like what was on the very first lightswitch plate that I purchased, I'd love it if you could make two more singles!!

I looooooove that cover and there are two other lightswitches in the same room that now look rather tired and sad in comparison ;)

Glad you are feeling a bit better~ my little boy has been fighting something terrible for the past two weeks!!!

Chet and Laura said...

Your kids have too much energy.