Monday, September 7, 2009

I gotta admit

I'm a little slow out of the chute today. I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and the semi peace and quietness of the morning as the kids are all playing nicely. I'm sure it'll be short lived.

I had a wonderful weekend in AZ. A lot of visiting, a little shopping plus much encouragement equals a happy and relaxed mom. (at least for a few hours this morning ;) )

My kids threw me their usual Homecoming Party. After squeals of delight when they saw me this morning (and the question posed by my two year old, "Oh! You were grocery shopping, Mom?" Guess I need to leave more often!), they started in on their games.
  • "Wipe Booger Noses All Over Mom All At The Same Time"
  • "See Who Can Be The Most Demanding So Mom Wishes She Was Still Gone"
  • "Let's All Load Our Drawers One Right After Another"
  • "Launch Yourself At Mom's Legs, Locking Her Into A Massive Bear Hug (one of my favs)
  • "Bury Faces Into Mom's Shoulder While Giggling With Delight" (another one of my favs)

Sigh. I'm glad some things never change!

At one point of chaos this morning, I told my kids to stop fighting or else I'll run away and they'll have to find a new mom. (I know, I know it was an empty threat.) My five year old replied, "Oh sweet! I'll just go find Kara to be my mom!" Guess I can't hold a candle to Kara...

It's time to face the music. Every room in this house needs my attention (a side effect of having not only a sick baby while I was gone but also a sick husband. I wonder if he was just sick of watching the kids... ;) I'm just kidding there. ), my laundry pile is falling over and I have orders to work on.

Back to reality! Life is good.

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Karen said...

It takes a lot of humor to be a mom!