Monday, September 28, 2009

Last week I found my

stress level building every time I went upstairs. My main floor was bad enough but my upstairs? oof. It could be declared a Federal Disaster Area!! (hey! I wonder if it would then qualify for some Federal Relief Assistance? Hmmm...something to consider.) When a place is so disorganized it's so overwhelming to know even where to start.

Saturday morning found me shoveling my way thru the playroom/boys' bedroom. With only the three littles home, it was a pretty taunting task without the big helpers around. News Flash! I discovered that under the layer of Duplos, Legos, airplanes, Little People...there is actually "real" carpet in that room!

I also managed to weed thru my bedroom, the front closet and my towering mountain of laundry. I collapsed into bed that night happily exhausted.

It's amazing what a house can do to a person.
  • Now instead of just tossing things on my desk, I actually (gasp) feel like putting them where they belong.
  • Ditto for clothes.
  • Instead of playing "Let's-see-how-many-times-we-can-hit-each-other-in-an-hour-and-run-to-Mom-screaming" my toddlers actually play with TOYS. (Now that is worth it's weight in gold thousands of times over.)
  • My stress level is slim to none.
  • I feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever this week may bring.

(Famous last words said on Sunday morning...."Hey Hon! We don't have anything on our schedule for this week!" Oops. Good one. Sunday night it was more like, "Which days to we have open this week?" :) )

Let's not talk about how long this clean streak will last....that's beside the point! :)

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Chet and Laura said...

Isn't that amazing that once you organize the toys, the kids will start playing with them again? Genius.