Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fleeting thoughts

  • It's one of those lovely days where no one can get along. No way. No how. I've had a few fleeting thoughts, though very brief, of switching "careers" with my husband.
  • We'll get thru it though. Only 54.987 minutes until lunch and then naps. Yes!
  • I just might hang out in my little girls' room for the rest of the day. Either there or the kids' bathroom. They are the only two clean rooms in the house. Refreshing...
  • I know I sound like I'm whining, but I'm not. Just letting you know that life in able mabel land is very much like every other household out there.
  • I still haven't found my missing tote of 18-24 mo and 2T girls clothes. I'm talking a whole tote missing, not just a few outfits. I have girls that need those clothes this winter. I will continue my hunt during naptime. Unless I talk myself into working on able mabel or craft sale stuff instead. :)
  • I'm heading to New York with my mom and sisters in October. Anyone have any shopping "must stops" for us?
  • I'm on the hunt for a new pair of jeans. I only have one pair that fits me anymore and it's quite annoying. At least one other pair would be lovely.
  • I've totally gotten out of the exercise mode. I think today I'll force myself to do at least one 20 minute session of the 30 Day Shred. I know I need it, not just physically but mentally.
  • The towering mountain of laundry is calling my name. I better answer it so I can take the afternoon off of housework. I've gotten enough done today to warrant it, don't you think? :)

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The Witty's said...

Able Mable, you know? Your days sound a lot like mine! Especially the working out part and the 1 pair of jeans...And the whole waiting for Naptime. I have a 1 year old and his naptime is heavenly. You guys can get through it!