Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do you want to know

what is going on in my life today? Just look in the reflection on the frame of this picture. You can see my noggin as I'm hunkered down trying, but failing miserably, not to get a reflection on the frame. You can see my box of product that needs to be photographed. You can see the tree line of the neighborhood, the outline of the house across the street, the clouds in the sky, the posts on our porch....etc.

I need help on this one. I was totally experimenting to see if I like the two tone paper look (I don't) and ways to minimize, but hopefully eliminate, any glare on the glass. Frustration abounds with these. They're darling and I feel like I'm hoarding them by not having any of the listed yet.

Meanwhile, I don't have very good sunlight in the afternoon so I took it all outside. (not a very wise choice either.) I'm using two fingers to hold the paper down when the wind decides tointerfere and blows the card over. Sigh. I pick it back up, the wind knocks it down, I pick it up, the wind...I get the hint and pack up my stuff. Guess I'll have to work on something else this afternoon.

Yoga or light switch covers?

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