Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The madness just had to stop!

It was just over a month since we had gone camping or hiking! Yikes! We're losing it.

Sunday dawned clear, cool and beautiful. After a lazy morning we packed up the kids and headed to hike Hanging Lake.Our 5 year old was at a friend's house so it made our journery a bit easier. She is the only kid of ours that doesn't like to hike. We get literally 17 steps into the hike and she starts in, "Are we almost there? Can I have a snack now? I'm tried.", etc. We did this hike last fall and I had to coax her to the top. I didn't mind too much since I was 32 weeks pregnant at the time. This time though, I was ready to take it a bit faster. This one, on the other hand, is trooper. His little legs motored him right to the top.Okay, so he had a little help at times. Since this trail was a regular ole' highway this particular day, you should have heard the comments Hubby was getting. He had the two year old in the backpack and the three year old on his shoulders for some of the hike. "Whoa! You have a load!" "Geez, I thought I had it rough." "You must be strong!" and so on.The trail snakes around a little creek that runs down from the top. At each of the 7 bridges crossing it, he would have to run across and then if it was rocky again, he'd get back on top of his personal elevator.We followed our Resident Billy Goat (I wonder if he got a little bored. He had to keep stopping and waiting for us.) to the top where we were greeted by the stunningly beautiful lake. This hike is always worth it in my book, no matter how many people are up there and on the trial. Someday I'm going to do it without little kids so I can hike around a bit when I get up to the top.We hung out at the top long enough to dip our toes in the chilly water and eat a snack. Looking at all the folks hanging out, we decided to head down before there was a traffic jam on the trail. I love coming down and passing people huffing and puffing as they make their way up. Ahhh, been there, done that!Baby Doll gets an A+ for her behavior on this hike. She didn't hardly make a boo on the way up and fell asleep on the way down. Can you find her in this picture?When we got to the parking lot, Hubs and I had to speed walk to keep up with the kids as they raced along the sidewalk back to the 'Burb. All of a sudden, these two little monkeys stopped in their tracks and busted up laughing! "Look at dat fat thing!", he exclaimed. He's great. It doesn't take much to tickle his funny bone and he lets out his ultra contagious laugh. Of course, it's monkey see, monkey do. Whatever he thinks is funny, she does too.
On the way back home, we all had to agree that it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday!

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Sarah Niemela said...

I wish we could sneak a trip down there this fall just to take that hike with you....looks yummy!!!