Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hey! It's Me!

Baby Doll! Mom's been pretty busy lately so I thought I'd take over this blog for a day. Just doin' my part to keep the peace in the family!

Ya know, I lead a pretty sweet life. My basic needs are met; loads of attention, masses of hugs and kisses, plenty of snuggle time...what more could a gal like me want?!

In return I often help my Mom out by modeling some blankets for her. It's a pretty gravy job. I just have to lay there and look cute. Talk about stating the obvious...aren't I always cute no matter what I do? At least that's what they always tell me.

Wanna see some shots from yesterday's session?

These were taken at the foot of Mom and Dad's bed. First though, we had to move a few piles of crud out of the way (oops, I don't think I was suppose to tell you that part. Good thing Mom is too busy to read this!).

I was being so adorable, especially when I started playing peek-a-boo! Now you see me.Now you don't! Hahahah!! I crack myself up! That's cute, isn't it? Should I do it again?! I'm not sure why but Mom asked one of my older sisters to try to distract me. Maybe I was being too cute. What the heck?! The more the merrier. (Mom keeps muttering something about her blocking the light though. Wonder what that means?)

Hey Sis! While I have your undivided attention, check out my new trick! Bye....

Bye!!! See? She thought it was neat. She keeps clapping at me.

I missed Mom's morning yoga workout because I was getting my beauty rest. (With two naps a day, it's no wonder I'm so darling!) Did she do this move?

Ahhh!!! Life sure is good!What's that? You don't want me in this picture?

That's it! I'm outta here!


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You're a good blogger, baby!