Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I know

you're not suppose to wish your life away, but today I can't help it. I'm just dreaming of it being Thursday afternoon.

I am sooooooo sick of cleaning and trying to keep the house spotless. This showing bit is for the birds! I honestly don't mind cleaning in general but when you have to keep the entire house clean all at once is a whole 'nother story! I really wouldn't stress so much except that Hubby knows the person coming tonight. Someone from work. I don't want them to think we live like pigs. (no comments from the peanut gallery on that one!)

(Deep breath, deep breath.) We have a showing tonight at 6:30 and another one at 12:30 tomorrow. I'll make it thru...I think...

It's not all bad though! Hubby is wearing his "skirt" tonight and is at the stove brewing up a mean batch of eggs. (We haven't had time to go grocery shopping yet this week. We're down to Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards around here.) He's a way better cook than I am. I smell peppers and onions cooking. Yum!

Enough of my whining, I'll go back to cleaning. Only the kitchen left and the diggy cleaning is already done. Yay!!

Guess what I'm doing on Friday??!? Nothing remotely resembling cleaning!!

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skinner studio said...

Hi fellow FAM! I was just browsing your Etsy shop (fabulous) and popped in to see your blog - me likey!

I felt so guilty reading your an anniversary present, my mom paid for weekly house cleaning for me for a month. So today my house was nicely cleaned - and NOT by ME! It's fabulous! (only 2 weeks left and I'm on my own)

I think every hard-working mommy should have someone else clean the bathrooms and floors - yuck - my least favorite.

Well, hang in there - at least hubby's making dinner! :-)