Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm dreaming...

We sold and closed on our house in MN. Now we're looking at houses here in CO. We have our eye on one particular house. When we went to look at it again for the second time, I found myself looking at the blank walls determined to decorate my house this time. (It's kind of like the mechanic's car that needs fixing but he just limps along instead of fixing it. That's me when it comes to decorating my own house.)

As I was gnawing on my lunch, I found myself browsing Etsy for decorating ideas. I think I found myself a new favorite wall decal shop. (I'm in love with wall decals lately.)

I thought this one would be super neat to hang above (or below) pictures of the kids. I'd love to take black and white pictures of each of them, put them in simple black frames and hang them in a grouping. They'd be darling on a wall above our black piano. I'm not usually into the sappy phrases but this line says it all!I paused at these for the kitchen because I thought the designs on the cups was neat. Then I realized the stack hit too close to home. I don't need to be reminded of the stack of dishes in the sink.Maybe this one would keep me from groaning at the size of my laundry pile. Instead of doing laundry, I'll be "sorting out life one load at a time". :)I kept stopping at this one. I would love to do a more modern decorating theme but I don't think Hubby would go for it. (He thinks we should hang an elk mount in our living room. Gag! Like I need some critter staring at me all day! Maybe I should suggest he hang one above his tool box at work.) I think I can get away with doing one room, possibly a bathroom. It would be cheap enough to change around if I get tired of it.

I'm not going to go overboard with decals because I'd still like to do other things with fabric and paper. This is just a start.


Keith and Kim Kesti said...

Adorable stuff, lej! How about this one for the modern kids bathroom? I would LOVE it!

jessica said...

I want to see your towels folded just like the ones in the picture :P

able mabel said...

Those are towels? I thought they were travel size wet wipe containers. There is no fluff to them!