Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm waffling

between giving up and practice, practice, practice. You know, this whole making clothes bit.

Last night, I was wandering around the house feeling quite restless. I knew I should start on something able mabel related but didn't really feel like it. Then I remembered I still wanted to attempt a dress for my two year old.

I finished the skirt and started on the bodice last night and finished it all up this morning. I don't know. Part of me just wants to say, "been there, done that." and cross it off my list. The other part of me thinks I'd be giving up too easily. Apparently it looks like she was quite impressed with having to model for me. (I feel her pain. I felt like doing that at one point this morning!) The problem was it was lunchtime and I snagged her cheese crisp out of her little fingers, slipped the dress over her head and plopped her on the table. Not a smooth move on my part.In order to keep the peace in the family, I handed her gourmet lunch back to her and kept taking pictures. (I added soft focus to these so the imperfections on the dress would be less obvious. It's meant to trick your eyeballs but I won't tell you that!)

The bodice came out a little on the large side, I forgot when I was cutting it out that she is such a peanut. My biggest beef with the dress is that I have a hard time getting the gathering of the dress "just so" so that it hangs right. She looks like she has huge hips, which couldn't be further from the truth. I'm wondering if I put a solid color belt around that part if it would distract from the imperfections in that area. The rest of the dress is fine.

My guess is that the average joe wouldn't notice until they got up close and personal with it. I just know it'll bug me. Maybe I'll feel differently after I get it all "cleaned up", cut the hanging threads off and such.
Anyway, back to real life. I have three blankets to finish up for my order from yesterday. (oops, I mean I have to start the blankets.) Time for me to clean up one mess to start another! Back to familiar territory! Yes!!


Celeste Jean said...

despite it's imperfections, that dress is cute. nice choice of prints. good luck with your order.

Jessica said...


Chet and Laura said...

Oh, we miss her!

Jennifer said...

I think it looks really cute!

jen said...

Love the colors! And the model!

Tommye said...

It's a beautiful dress and your "model" is adorable. I'd scream too if you took my lunch away from me to put on a dress!

All little girl's dresses hang like that over their non-hips.

Keep it up!


Marcy said...

Very cute dress! Practice practice practice! That's what I say, you aren't too far away!! It used to take me all day to make a dress now just a couple hours! Do you have a serger? They work wonders for gathering. Keep it up!

Lisa said...

The dress is almost as adorable as your model.