Monday, July 27, 2009

Re-Visiting the Weekend

via a photo sneeze!

Both Hubby and I were looking forward to a "quiet" weekend at home, so we passed up an invite to go camping. Apparently we had different visions of "quiet".

I was totally picturing curling up on the couch with a good book or working on able mabel.

He had other ideas. Not that that was a bad thing. I think he was thinking of having some family time around town. No complaints from me.

Friday night we headed out for the lake. (a planned hike scrapped as soon as we stepped out into the "sauna".) The kids kept busy finding dried out crab shells. It was all fun and games until Dumb Puppy Dog came along and ate most of the shells before the kids' shrieks sent her skittering back to "Daddy".

While the kids frolicked on the rocks, Mr I've-Scratched-My-Fishing-Itch-But-I'll-Bring-My-Fishing-Rod-Along-"Just-In-Case" got his line wet. (I really didn't mind, I'm just giving him a hard time in the event he decides to "spy" on this blog.)
After a few casts, he took the hook off and put a bobber on. He'd cast it out into the water and the dog would swim out, get the bobber and doggie paddle (literally!) back to shore. It was pretty entertaining. I have a few videos of it but I'll spare you.

On Saturday, I had my perfect "quiet" day. He took off to get his hunting bow set up and the kids curled up with "brand new" library books.

I sewed all morning long and was even able to get photos of the blankets I completed. While the kids were napping in the afternoon, I got a workout in! Yay for me since I've been horrible about working out these past two weeks and could definitely feel it!

After an awesome workout, I pulled out the paper crafts.

You should have seen Hubby raise his eyebrows at me when he saw me bring this plaque home. I think he wondered if I went off the deep end. (Can any English pros out there tell me if that ' is suppose to be in the word "Mom's"? It doesn't look right.)

It was a cheap find at City Market. (Actually I found two of them.)
I'm going to put this on one of them. I was able to get three signs done before it was time to hit the town for dinner with Hubby's brother and his wife.

On Sunday, Hubby was pacing the floors like a caged animal so we decided to head out for a drive to the top of a nearby Mesa.
It wasn't the best day weather wise but we still were able to see some gorgeous scenery. The fields of wildflowers were to die for!

Our travels brought us to a town about an hour west of us. That town just happened to have a Chipolte so we just happened to end up there for an early dinner before heading home.

All in all, it was a much needed relaxing weekend! I'm refreshed and ready to tackle this coming week! (I think...)


skinner studio said...

Looks like a great weekend! (We did go camping, and that was great too - just finished the laundry from it!)

Hope you get to curl up with your book real soon...

Chet and Laura said...

It should be Moms, not Mom's

jen said...

Which rule is the rocker mom referring to? Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

Just catchin up on your blog! Its been awhile! Makes me miss CO so much! Will call you one of these days!