Monday, July 6, 2009

If you've ever had the urge

to sweep the floor on your knees, don't bother making the attempt unless you have an in-house massage therapist!

I was sweeping the floor today (The vacuum got tired of us telling it that it sucked and is on strike. Sensitive little bugger. Vacuums are suppose to suck!) and my broom broke. I suppose that's what happens when you use a WalMart special to break open a pinata. Because I failed Duct Taping 101 in school, my little itty piece of duct tape allowed the broom to stay upright but it was oh so floppy. I had to hold it down by my knees. Ouch! My aching back!! Hubby rescued me when he got home and taped it like a man! Whew! Saved once again!

July is all about out of town company. We waved one carload down the road yesterday and are going to welcome another batch this evening and one more tomorrow night. (Hubby's brother and fam tonight and tomorrow night is his niece and her family.) Next week my sister comes to town and the week after that Hubs parents will roll in. One of these weeks friends are going to "pit stop" for a night on their way thru. I think I need a nap! (not to mention a new broom! I'll settle for a house cleaner though!)

Hmmm...wonder how I'll carve out some able mabel time. I tried this morning experimenting with a new pillow design. I ended up getting a bit frustrated with my lack of progress and then had to do 90 mph to get the house ready for tonight.

Now I know why some people won't/don't try new designs. I'd try one way, hold it up squinting my eyes, tilting my head one way then the other and decide it just won't do. Out came the seam ripper. I'd try another way... I'm determined to keep trying though since I think the idea in my head will work, it's just a matter of the best way to do it.

Time to get the java brewing and dessert finished up! Later!!


On a Roll said...

Good luck with getting through all the house visits and getting some new designs together! :)

Jennifer said...

Wow... you are one busy lady! That is *a lot* of company!! Glad to hear hubby saved you with his manly taping abilities! LOL