Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Going for the feet!

I spent a few hours last night working on blankets. Hubby had a meeting and the kids were happily playing outside in the mud. I only got interrupted about 274.5 times, but who's counting?!? I was able to get about 7 blankets done. (I wonder how much time I actually spent sewing? Maybe I'd rather not know.)

I've been making two of the exact same blankets lately. One for ArtFire and one for Etsy. That way I only have to take one set of pictures and come up with one description. Super slick!!

This morning I set up Babes in her "favorite" spot and started in on the photographs. When I uploaded them to the computer, I realized my camera was set wrong. What else is new?!? Obviously I was so worried about getting her to sit "nicely" that I didn't think to check one of the settings. Oh well, these will be good enough.
I had a great time getting some shots of her feet!

Brown and red are the hardest colors for me to photograph. It takes me forever to come close to the true color!Okay, maybe I should rephrase that..."I attempted to get some cute shots of her feet, but Babes didn't always cooperate."Her feet had a mind of their own. Still very kissable though.

Oh great. There goes the three year old running thru the house with the end of a spool of ribbon clutched in his chubby little hand, giggling as the spool is unwinding behind him. Time to get back at it!


Jennifer said...

The pictures look great... did you edit them?! Very fun idea for your product photo shoot!! What adorable little toes!

able mabel said...

I did edit them a smidge. Tried to lighten them up a bit.