Monday, July 13, 2009

I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

We spent a relaxing (well, as relaxing as camping with babies and toddler can be!) long weekend camping in the mountains! I didn't want to "advertise" that we were leaving so I didn't post an "out of the office" message on here.
I absolutely love this gorgeous state of Colorado! Every where we've been, looks just like a postcard, only better!! My pictures don't even begin to do the scenery justice.

The wildflowers were in full bloom this weekend. What is normally a quiet campground because a regular ol' highway of wildflower seekers. We didn't mind too much.

Thursday was a crystal clear day. I have never seen the sky such a deep shade of blue! It was incredible!!We drove to the nearby town of Crested Butte. What a lovely town!! There were three different festivals all happening this weekend so I'm sure that added quite a bit more people to the area. This is a town I'd like to come explore sometime when I don't have to take the kids along.The area we went to had three different lakes around it. From the campground, you can hike a three mile loop and hit each lake plus a waterfall. It felt awesome to get out to stretch the legs and breathe the clear mountain air! Our kids are troopers when it comes to hiking. The only one we have to coax along is our almost five year old. She's not a huge fan of hiking unless she gets a snack at the end.

Hubby, of course, managed to sneak in a bit of fly fishing. He didn't catch much using a fly called "angel voices" (aka the shrieking of our children splashing in the water) but he had fun trying.

Now the worst part of it all...unpacking and cleaning up. Doesn't help that we did have power all morning. What up with that? It was perfectly clear and sunny outside. It's happened quite often since we moved here. Whatever.

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