Friday, July 3, 2009

100% bonus

and here I thought I wasn't going to get any able mabeling done this weekend!

Our friends rolled into town last night from Flagstaff, AZ. So fun to see them! They moved from MN about the same time we did last fall. We saw them very briefly this Feb when we were in Phoenix. It's awesome to be able to have the whole weekend to catch up!!

All plans for today got put on hold when Hubby realized he had to work. (No complaints from me. I'm just thankful he has a job!) That didn't stop the folks from Flag. We're not the only ones they know in these parts so they spent the day with other friends.

As their van roared down the road this morning, I wandered around in a few circles trying to decide what I should do.

Housework? Naw. I've been doing that all week.

Read my book? Hmmm...quite tempting but...

Laundry? Why bother...the kids all had a few clean pairs of grunders. Enough to make it thru the weekend.

Pack the kids up and head to the beach by ourselves? Blech. Sounds like work. Plus rainclouds were moving in.

able mabel? Now you're talking!!

Out came my stuff and I was as happy as a clam! (So were the kids, thanks to a Magic Tree House book on tape they got from the library yesterday.) Granted, I'd rather have been hanging out with friends, but this was second best! (at least for today)

I didn't get much done, but enough to satisify the itch. (Obviously these light switch covers are quite done yet. I still have to cut out the openings and seal them off.)

Believe it or not, I actually cleaned up my mess when I was done! Wonders never cease!

Everyone have a safe and fun holiday weekend!! Be good! ;)

Psstt...I'm sure I'll have many more stories to share about my two year old and her wheelings. Today she "discovered" that if she pushes a chair up to the counter, she can dig in all sorts of fun stuff. I found her working her way thru a sticky bag of gummy worms and "reorganizing" my spice cupboard. Time to start putting the chairs up on the table!


Jennifer said...

Looks like you made the right decision on what to do today! The covers look great!! How sweet for your daughter to reorganize your spice cupboard for you!! ;)

Flight Fancy said...

She's a smart little monkey! congrats on getting some crafty time in. I think it's funny though...I thought I was the only one to call them under grunders :)

Cindy and Mindy said...

Beautiful covers! Happy and safe 4th to you as well!

1crown3tiaras said...

Love the covers! Happy 4th!

Missy B. said...

Crafting always makes my day as well!