Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Want a cookie?

I was almost done with my workout today when our three year old woke up from his nap. (Okay, I confess, I didn't quite finish the whole thing. It's divided into three different sections, you can choose to do one or all of them. I choose to do them all but I petered out on the last two minutes of the last section. My "abs" were killing me!)

As I posted yesterday, we're having problems with him deciding that he doesn't want to be potty trained anymore. Figuring he needed some positive attention, I asked him if he wanted to help me make cookies. I couldn't resist adding in "...after you go potty..." His eyes lit up and he asked, "Help you, not just watch you?" (Depending on my mood that day, my kids either get to help or watch. More often they watch instead of help. We call it "helping by watching".) It was his lucky day since his sisters were both still napping. He had Mom all to himself.I let him measure a few of the ingredient and then he was on mixer duty. Win, win for both of us. "Power tool" for him, less mess for me! His favorite part was eating the chocolate chips off the counter. Or maybe it was that he got to lick off the beaters. I don't always let them do it because there is usually more than one kid hovering at my elbows. If I'm not in the mood for the fight over who's turn it is, I use the excuse of "It has raw eggs in it, it'll make you sick.", then I take a big ole lick. It's one of the many perks of being a mom!

I'm still slacking able mabel wise this week. It feels good to take a little break from creating. Maybe tomorrow....(I think I said that yesterday.)

The school kids are almost home and as soon as they walk in the door they hear the usual Wednesday refrain "Job, homework, showers. Pronto!" They just roll their eyes at me and mutter almost under their breath "We know, we know." :)

See you all tomorrow!


Flight Fancy said...

Bless your heart for sharing! This post made me smile, and almost made me miss the preschool days...almost :)
whats a work out? hehe

Jeanne Selep said...

When you have bunches of kids, the amazing event is having any creativity, or energy to bake cookie. Not that the energy leaves you know and then..