Monday, April 20, 2009

Back into the swing of life....

or the roller coaster, as our life has been lately. My brain isn't firing on all cylinders today. Baby Doll decided that sleeping at night is totally optional. I woke up every hour with her last night, except for the midnight hour. Even after I gave her a dose of medicine... I spent 5 days in Seattle last week, attending the funeral of my grandfather. While it was sad reason to be there, it was nice to see family and friends who gathered there. Most of my family made it to Seattle except for two of my sisters. Some of us stayed with our aunt and were spoiled by her. She is such a sweet lady!
We managed to sneak in a few hours at Pike Place Market on Friday. The weather was, shockingly, cloudy and slightly drizzly. :) Three of us had babies along so it was a quick trip in and out. We came to an unanimous agreement that when we take our next Sisters Trip, it will be without our babies along.
On the way back home, I sat next to a lady who had her cat with her. I was somewhat shocked she had it in under her seat. I thought they were suppose to be down below in the cargo area. Her "baby" ended up crying almost the whole way to Salt Lake City while my baby slept the entire time. Go figure.

My husband did a wonderful job of holding down the fort in my absence. I walked into a spotless (well, cleaned up) house and all the laundry done. Once again, I'm spoiled! He's a keeper!
This week, I'm throwing myself full force into able mabel. I need the distraction from every day life right now. Stay tuned to see the latest!

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