Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick update

while I wait for my baby to settle down for her long afternoon snooze. As soon as she's out, I'm going to do a Yoga workout and then I have to get started on another birdie blanket. This will be the third one for this particular customer.

For the past week, I've had written on my to-do list on the fridge "MAKE JAM!!!" Underlined and all. Written by our oldest. I kept putting it off so finally this morning I decided to make it.
Under the watchful eye (and sticky fingered) of Little Ms K. It's so easy and fast to do, I'm not sure why I get lazy to do it. It's best with homegrown strawberries but we don't have them around here so store bought will have to do.
For a few hours this morning, I was being seranaded by a yodeling pickle. I kid you not...This weekend when my husband was in MN, they threw a surprise party for him. This was one of the gifts. He totally deserves it, but I don't. I let the kids have a little bit of fun with it but then I took it away (I know, I'm a mean mom!) and it's now sitting in his lunch box.

Ohhh! Baby is out, I better get moving! Later!!


MomE said...

Um...where does one obtain a yodeling pickle? That's a hoot!

Duni said...

the baby blanket is so cute! Great job!
I love home-made strawberry jam too :)

Anonymous said...

lovely blanket!