Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm sitting down to a gourmet supper

of hard boiled eggs on top of toast. That's how we eat when Hubby is gone for the weekend. (We didn't just have eggs and toast. We also gnawed on pea pods, carrot sticks and cantaloupe. How does that combo strike you, JB?) One of the kids commented with a wrinkled nose, "but that's what we had last night!" I said, "Wrong. We had scrambled eggs. These are hard boiled." And here I thought they didn't appreciate my cooking!

Heading off to church tonight is out of the question. Our oldest threw up this morning at a friend's house, so it looks like we'll be hanging low and getting to bed early. My husband doesn't fly in until about 9pm so he won't be showing his smiling mug around here until about midnight.

I ended up socializing much more than I had planned on this weekend. I had had grand plans of getting a lot of able mabel stuff created this weekend but I played instead of working. It's all good! I introduced one of my friends to Etsy this weekend. Oh my! I almost feel like I should apologize to her husband...

I guess I did get a lot of computer work done. Networking, ramping up my following on Twitter (my hip teenage brothers were pretty impressed when they found out that I, their older almost-fossilized sister, actually Twitters, or Tweets, or whatever you call it!), marketing, blog hopping, etc.
Here are a few of the "spoils" from this week...
I still love the saying on this sign! Most of us can relate!

A pouch made from a hand towel. These always look so dorky when I photograph them. Anyone have any ideas for these?

I love these toes and the baby that comes with them, but you already know that. This fabric is from Amy Butler's Garden Maze line. I love that it's modern but still girly.

I suppose I'll wander into the kitchen to see if there are any more dribbles left in the bottom of the coffee pot. You all be good!


jen said...

Reminds me of our supper last Thursday: Egg salad on flatbread, pea pods, baby carrots, and 5 strawberries each.

Winklepots said...

I was perusing your shop today, Mabel. :o) I love that "weight" sign. Yup, can relate to that. And your kids shouldn't complain, I give mine cold cereal when I don't want to cook. :oP