Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I walked into the post office today

and some old godger nods at my ducklings trailing behind me and says, "How do you do it?" and "Looks like you brought the whole gang with you!" (from the lady behind the counter)

To the old geezer (I mean that in a nice way) I responded, "Just like everyone else does." and the postal lady got a big cheese from me. We all like her and she said her comment in a nice way. We don't see her as much since I've been using PayPal to print off my mailing labels. I had a package going to Saskatoon today so I had to bring it in.
We saw a blind man with his seeing-eye dog at the post office and now my four year old has been questioning me all day (I'm serious, it's constant) about blind people. Going to the post office can be an educational experience!
For a change of pace, we took the kids to the lake by our house last night. Our main goal was to let the dog run off some of her energy but the kids had a good time also. It was a gorgeous evening!! Our oldest two girls waded in the water and the dog thought is was great run to race in and splash them as they squealed with delight!!

Oh my! Look at the time! I better scoot! We're having an early supper tonight since our 2nd grader has a concert tonight. She's just giddy with excitement!

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Sarah Niemela said...

Wish we could come to the concert!