Saturday, April 4, 2009

I still want to know

who in their right mind would put smooth shiny tile on the floors in their house? Probably someone who has it made in the shade and has a maid. :)

We're currently renting a house and they used "imported tile from Italy" as a selling point for it. (that's not the reason we liked this house.) Italy Schmitaly. I don't care where the tile is from, it's nearly impossible to keep looking clean! I wash it and as soon as someone walks on it, it looks dusty again. Plus it's very slippery even when dry. Maybe I'm just being too practical and not appreciating the "finer" things in life. (That and the fact that I'm tired of cleaning.)

As Hubby walked out the door with the oldest three this afternoon for a visit to Sportsman's Warehouse (I yelled after him to buy himself a birthday present since his birthday is on Tuesday. He wrinkled his nose at me so we'll see if he does.), I was so very tempted to pull out the sewing machine. I think my non-creative week was getting the best of me, I was feeling a little cranky earlier today. I did the next best thing and popped in a workout DVD. There's nothing like a good workout to change one's outlook on life.

Now back to the scrub bucket. The end of my cleaning is in sight!!

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♥georgie♥ said...

stopping by from EC to drop and say Hi....

I so wish i could sew and had the desire to workout go girl