Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Story of the Lonely Pillow

This poor guy is the only pillow we have listed in our shop. We've actually made quite a few but they've either sold or the listing expired. (I need to retake pictures of the expired listings that's why I haven't relisted them)

I was working on a couple more pillows are JB's this morning. We got talking about our lonely pillow in our shop and decided to make him a friend. JB had some sweet ideas of how we should do it! Problem is that we don't have any fabric left that would match him.

When I brought my kids home from lunch, I sat down and started browsing around Etsy to see if I can find some matching fabric. I keep finding everything but the fabric I'm looking for. This lonely pillow was made using Amy Butler fabric JB bought last fall at a local quilt shop, they no longer carry it. Looks like none of the shops I've come across on Etsy still carry that fabric.

I've left a few notes for some of the sellers....we'll see what they say...
So until we find fabric, here he sits! (he looks pretty happy though, doesn't he? Afterall, he is the "top dog", in the pillow department anyway.)

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