Thursday, July 17, 2008


I feel like I lost by best friend today. Okay, so I'm slightly over-reacting...

My favorite prop broke today. The worst part...I can't blame it on anyone else but myself!

Sister K wanted to have a garage sale this week at my house. It's not the best location but I gave her the okay. I decided on Sunday that if she's going to try it, I may as well set up our able mabel stuff in part of the garage. We opened on Wednesday afternoon. The only advertising I had time for was to post a quick blurb on craigslist. We also put out signs, of course.

Today was Deadsville. (I had figured as much) Pretty slow. To make the most out of my day, I decided to take and retake pictures of all our stuff. I was using Favorite Prop for some of the pictures. I got called inside for something and in the mean time someone came to the sale. I asked my oldest to go move the sheet (my wonderful backdrop for my photos) off the table.

Later I was going to take more pictures and picked up the sheet off the garage floor, totally forgetting the vase/urn was in the sheet. Crash!!! I just about cried! Again, not really, but my stomach did a little flip flop. Now what should I use?

On a happier note, I did get my darling little poopsie to sit semi-still for a bit today.

When she decided enough was enough, my two year old wanted to pose. He's kind of big but I did have some boy blankets I needed modeled.

Isn't he just a lunker? He was a very willing model so how could I refuse?


Annie Howes said...

Cute kid pics, and I'm so sorry about losing your favorite prop!

Lucky Girl said...

Such cute models! With sweeties like that, who needs props anyhow?

Vanessa said...

I Found your blog from etsy forums and wanted to say "hi!". Very nice blog!

Sarah Niemela said...

Had fun reading your blog tonight. It helped me unwind so now I can go to sleep!! I had a rough day but I got some serious sculpting done!! Love your blog and your pictures!!