Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I totally forgot to

update this blog yesterday. I had a post all ready to go in my head and everything. Oh well. Can't win everyday, just some days.

Last night my husband had a meeting. I took the kids to the library and then when they were eating their bedtime snack, I went into the chat rooms on Etsy. I wasn't there very long before I came across a shop that had some awesome photography. I picked the brain of the seller for a bit. I decided to try what I had learned...

This is a picture of a necklace "normally" (how I usually take them)...

Using her ideas...this was taken just on my kitchen counter at about 9:30 pm (or there abouts. I took pictures for about a hour and a half last night. Trying different things out, uploading, editing, etc). As you can see the coloring is off, no matter how much I tried to fix it.

Now the ones I took this morning at my kitchen table...

I'll tell you a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone...know what my background is? JB's cake stand, that she left here after the birthday party last weekend, turned on it's side. It just happened to match perfectly! The white is just a white piece of cardstock set on a (gasp!!) Kleenex box.

I don't think I'll use these ideas for everything we sell. The reason it worked for this necklace is because the necklace is so simple in it's color scheme and it's structure.

I did try it using another necklase last night but there was already so much going on in the necklace that it just distracted from it too much.

I heard rumblings this morning about one of our friends maybe having her baby last night. I better get scooting so I can maybe go visit her this afternoon!


Half-an-Acre said...

lol - you'd be amazed what I used in some of my pictures for props! nice blog - enjoyed reading it.
but please tell me you don't really call your kid "Poopsies"!!!!!
just jesting with you - don't eat me!! LOL! I call my middle son Ping!

Half-an-Acre said...

of course i'm jesting with you!
I call my middle son "PingPong P'Nang" - and my youngest "Oney" - although not in public!
I did have to send out some lizards to someone's son the other day - addressed to "Freddie Boo" ....