Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life Lessons for July 15th

  • Just because the word buttons is the words "butt" and "on" combined doesn't mean that your rump belongs on a tote full of buttons. I sat down with some hand sewing and narrowly missed the tote of buttons. What a royal mess it would have made had it spilled!

  • When ironing, always look at what you're ironing. It helps...a lot. You get more ironed in a shorter amount of time. I was ironing a piece of fabric today and looked behind me to see what fabric combo JB was putting together. When I looked back at what I was doing, I was only ironing the ironing board, completely missing the fabric.

  • You never know where the fabric you're going to use will come from. Sure the standard source is typically the fabric stores, but don't overlook other avenues. Take for example what we worked on today....We made two pillows using a clearance table cloth, silk flowers and an cardigan/shell combo that our dear mother handed down (sorry mom, little do you know what we do with your clothes!!) Next were a messanger bag and a different type of bag both using old belts as the handles. Last a pillow using a clearance dish towel. Fun! Fun! Fun!

  • JB pulls thru time and time again! As I was pinning together the pillows using mom's shirt, I was convinced it wouldn't work. The sweater material was stretchy and it looked like is just wouldn't sew together right. She told me to calm down and let her try sew it. I sure wasn't going to try! It looks awesome! Also as my last post eluded to, we didn't quite have enough fabric to make a matching pillow to the one we have in our store. I shouldn't have fretted about it. Low and behold, after lunch there was JB putting together some fabric combos for the pillow! Wonderful!

  • Sisters are the best! The other day JB had called and said she bought some fabric she thought I'd like. I saw it the next day and have been drooling over it ever since. She was dead on! Today I started cutting out a purse using it and it made me happy just to look at it. (I know, simple pleasures for simple people!) She told me today she bought it just for me! Now isn't that sweet! I'll show it to you once it gets sewn together. It's a style we haven't done before!

Everything we completed today kind of matched!

Two pillows (we have two more almost done. One needs a pillow form and the other needs to be hand stitched), one Sally bag (two more other styles of purses are in various stages) and one pouch. So far I only have the pouch listed.

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