Monday, July 28, 2008

Shopping at Target

can be a dangerous outing. Dangerous to the pocketbook that is. For some reason almost everytime I go in there, I find way more than what's on my list. Occasionally my willpower wins and I only get what's on my list. This usually happens when I'm pressed for time.

Saturday afternoon I "ran" to Target. On my list was the usually boring household items...dishwasher soap, toilet paper, etc. A list like this should only take me about 15 minutes max. Well 45 minutes later, I was still in there.

The problem was that I realized all the shoes/sandals were all less than $4 a pair. I had to stop and think who needed what and then search thru all the shoes until I found the right size. Took forever. That got me thinking about bargains, back to school, August birthdays...

A browse thru the jewelry aisle netted able mabel a bunch of items for our jewelry supply stash.

I found some super cheap earrings that would make perfect pendants and some necklaces that can be cut apart and the beads used for other necklaces. I didn't know that JB had been watching those items, waiting for them to get cheap enough to buy.

It pays to check the clearance rack!

Today I went to Joann and found coordinating beads for the "pendants" I bought. My three youngest are now in bed and the beading supplies are out. I'm going to get the "able mabel hunch" going for a few hours before I hit the sheets!

I'll post pictures of the finished products later on this week!

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-K said...

I love Target runs like that! How fun. Yeah, I've been MIA for a bit- maybe you've heard of or had food aversions while pregnant? I have developed quite an intense aversion to my blog page- whenever I stop by or think of going there, it makes me feel yuck! (Yep- due in the beg. of February...) So. Hopefully I am over it soon- it's a fun little diversion from the day-to-day chaos!

(And, for the record, I am NOT trying to eat my blog, so I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a non-food aversion??? But a friend swears the color green made her sick with one pregnancy, and I couldn't wear a certain pair of shoes with my last..... How weird!)