Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting Our Eggs

out of one basket. A few months back I had blogged out opening a store in the site icraft. I listed four things and kind of forgot about it. You know, no instant results...My biggest thing was deciding what do put on Etsy and what to put on icraft. Esty is bigger and it seemed like things had a better chance of selling on there.

Yesterday I got a wild hair and opened a store on DaWanda, a European site. I decided that I'm just going to start listing the same things in each of the stores. It's a risk I'm going to take. It can't hurt. I can't image all the same people would shop at every site. When something sells on one site, I'll just take it off the other two.

I have about 6 things listed on DaWanda and will continue to list throughout the day. I'm also working on adding more into our icraft shop. The more exposure the better, I'd think!

I've also let our flickr account get stale. I'll start uploading a picture or two a day to that site also. We've been selling some stuff off Etsy to friends and family. I'd like to start using our Flickr to keep a photographic record of those items. That way someone can go check it out to see what else we are capable of doing!

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