Monday, July 21, 2008

Joann Etc

here we come! This evening JB and I are taking a supply gathering trip to Joann Etc. We both got a huge wad of coupons in the mail last week.

On my list...

  • blue and brown beads. I've been eyeballing this pendant JB bought but we don't have any beads to match it.

  • more packaging for our double light switch covers. Last week JB took a class that The Studio at Rush Creek (or something like that). We have some of our stuff there on consignment. The owner of the studio asked for more light switch covers. Sweet!

  • We'll maybe try to find some coordinating fabrics to go with some of the ones I bought on Etsy. We want to make some aprons out of them but don't have anything to match. Who knows if we'll find anything.

  • I'm going to be looking for a frame for this picture I bought for my bathroom. Finally!! I think I'll need to change the curtains and hand towels that are in there now but that shouldn't be too hard. I found this print at a shop called SterJay. The print is absolutely stunning!

  • We have another craft night coming up next Tuesday, so I'm sure we'll pick up a few things for that.

Now I better get my house whipped into shape! Have a great day!

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