Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Really quick

before the supper madness starts. Although tonight's supper is fairly low key. I'm just warming up leftover roast, veggies and gravy in the oven. Good ole Sunday lunch remnants.

I've decided that I really need to build myself a light box. I've been taking hoards of pictures of the cards we made using the pictures of Mom's dolls. I just can't get a really great picture of them. I end up getting frustrated. If I have time tonight I'll try tackle it. Hopefully I'll get it right-side-up this time. Maybe Husband will help me out... Annie Howes put a little tutorial on her blog after I asked for some advice. Thanks Annie!

I was at JB's all day today working on blankets for our church Spring Festival. We managed to get 6 of them done. I started cutting out a bag and lining it with interfacing but my lovely little princess was fussing so bad, I had to stop what I was doing and attend to her needs.

Tonight JB is hosting project night for the Spring Festival. We're going to do some magnets, headbands, and bobbies.

Supper prep awaits!

pssttt...have you pulled any April Fool's jokes today? I did one on my husband but I should have let the suspense drag out longer before I fessed up to it being a joke! I hope JB can pull hers off tonight!!

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